The Borough of​

Tioga Borough Water Authority

UPDATE*******We have received the report back from DEP-Borough water is safe. We and have attached a copy of the letter to our website under documents. Please look there for the complete report.

We have heard some concern from the residents/customers of the Tioga Borough Water Authority regarding the formation and duration of bubbles in the tap water.  There were two complaints filed with the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) which resulted in one of their sanitation supervisors visiting Tioga and taking samples at one of the complainants’ residences and at the water plant, and conducting an inspection of our facilities and records.  All the samples taken demonstrated the presence of the bubbles that did not dissipate immediately.  These samples will be tested by the DEP with results coming back in ~1 week. 

Based on our inspection of records and facilities and no obvious indication that there is a hazardous contaminant in the water supply, the DEP does not recommend that the Water Authority issue an advisory at this point, nor should you boil water.  However, if you are uncomfortable, you can refrain from using the municipal potable water and use bottled water for cooking, drinking and pets.  The Water Authority is preparing for emergency water supply in the case the results of the tests do show something unexpected.  Attached is the letter from the Pennsylvania State Department of Environmental Protection.  We will post the current inspection report and the results of the previous five years of water testing at the Tioga Borough Office, electronic copies can be made available upon request.

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